Mopar Helps Dealers Enhance Customer Experience

Mopar helps Classic Motors customers 

Mopar presents a new tool that is designed specifically to aid dealerships in the preparation and planning of a more superior customer experience. The Mopar Service Capacity Analyzer is a tool that is used online, allowing dealers to evaluate, strategize and devise changes in order to sustain an adequate quantity of technicians, specialist working hours, lanes and more.

As vehicle brands continue to grow and become increasingly complex, the requirement for technicians with the right skills and training has also increased. According to Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO - Mopar Brand Service, Parts and Customer Care, FCA, "more than 1,300 technicians, 700 service advisors and 500 service bays" have been added in the dealer network this year alone. This is certainly far ahead of their targets. He says that the Mopar Service Capacity Analyzer provides vehicle dealers with sort of a "road map" to better use these resources by anticipating the needs of customers as far out as 2018 according to the specific parameters of the dealer.

The way that this new tool works is based on algorithms. It estimates service lane traffic, which makes it possible for dealers to alter the amount of technicians they need as well as the number of necessary stalls and hours of availability. With the Mopar Service Capacity Analyzer, dealers are able to predict their future needs in order to provide their customers with the best level of service.

In addition, a Service Capacity Guidebook is also being launched. This will aid dealers in taking advantage of current prospects while escaping the consequences of a congested service lane.

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