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Introducing the New Jeep J8 Underground Mining Vehicle

If you're a fan of Jeep, then you know that they manufacture some of the most rugged and resilient vehicles on the roads. Not just here in Richfield, UT, but all around the country. Jeep is widely known for engineering off-road cruisers that can handle all terrain with ease. Whether you're climbing up a mountain or traversing a boulder field, Jeep's are ideal for just about any backcountry adventure you can think of.  And now, Jeep is adding to its resume with the introduction of its new underground mining vehicle, the Jeep J8. A military-grade transport vehicle designed for the underground mining sector, the J8 takes inspiration from Jeep's iconic Wrangler Unlimited model with some heavy-duty twists. Let's explore what the new Jeep J8 has to offer and try to understand its application in the backcountry.

An Iconic Heritage Dating Back to WWII

Since the days of WWII when our country desperately needed tactical automobiles to help aid in the war effort, Jeep has been there. A worldwide leader of premier utility vehicles, Jeep's reputation is only surpassed by the quality of its current fleet. Built tough to handle everything from combat to long road-trips through unchartered territory, Jeep SUVs have been the go-to product for many years. If there's ever been a vehicle that's trusted enough to transport our nation's finest in and out of some of life's most challenging environments, it's a Jeep.

Fast forward to present day and Jeep is still held in high regard among adventure enthusiasts outside of Sevier. The new Jeep lineup is iconic with popular models like the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator leading the way, but now things just got even more interesting.  Stronger, tougher, and more agile than any model featured in Jeep's civilian lineup, the new Jeep J8 takes capability to a new extreme.  Take the performance, adaptability, and strength of the Jeep JK Wrangler and multiply it times three - that's what the Jeep J8 brings to the table. Tried and tested to excel in a variety of harsh environments, including the underground mining sector, the new Jeep J8 is something residents in Beaver need to see firsthand to believe.

Style & Design

Sporting Jeep's quintessential box-like exterior, the J8 meets all underground mining requirements and is easily adapted to prepare for different jobs. Boasting a variety of cab configurations, the J8 can be had as a flat-top with an open cabin or a concealed cab with doors and a chassis trailer. Like all Jeep's, the ability to customize the J8 is as simple as selecting the right model configuration that's best suited to facilitate the job you are working on. Standard equipped with Mopar's JK-8 pickup cab, the J8 comes in handy as a reliable utility vehicle with seating for up to two passengers.

Power & Performance

The new Jeep J8 comes with an MSHA-approved VM Motor 2.8-liter Turbo Diesel engine that's extremely powerful and surprisingly fuel-efficient. Boasting upwards of 197-horsepower and 343 pound-feet of torque, the Jeep J8 operates most efficiently using diesel fuel and is designed to accept a variety of available diesel fuel options. For peace of mind when operating the J8 underground in a mining environment, it produces very low emissions, which will help regulate clean air when running the engine in a tight space. Paired to a five-speed automatic transmission that's used in a bunch of Mercedes and Chrysler models, the J8 shifts rather smoothly and features a 2.72:1 transfer case.

When operating in hot environments in Gunnison, the J8 utilizes an enhanced cooling system that helps keep its engine cool. Standard equipped with a Dana M60 HD rear end, the Jeep J8 outperforms its on-road civilian counterparts using 3.73 gears and an anti-spin differential to help you maneuver harsh terrain effortlessly.  Similarly, in the front of the chassis, the J8 sports a military-grade Dana M44 frontend that features on open differential for increased maneuverability and control. Built-in with heavy-duty leaf springs bolted to the body's suspension, the Jeep J8 has a maximum towing capacity of 7,716-pounds and a maximum payload of up to 2,566-pounds.

Available Jeep Modifications Approved for Mining

A reliable military-grade Jeep that cuts down time, meets underground mining requirements, and improves the bottom line, the new J8 is a smart option for mine operators everywhere. Here is an overview of the mining-specific medications available for the new Jeep J8:

  • Mine duty front and rear bumpers
  • 10-passenger personnel carriers
  • Two- (two-passenger) and four-door (five-passenger) cabs come standard
  • Flatbed or pickup chassis cabs with customizable wheelbases
  • 70 CFM @ 100PSI engine-driven air compressor
  • Wet disc parking/emergency brake
  • MSHA-approved fire suppression systems
  • Top speed of 15 - 25 miles-per-hour

Military, Mining & Civilian Application

What sets the new Jeep J8 apart from the competition is that it's manufactured in the same Chrysler Jeep assembly plants as the Wrangler, Rubicon, and every other Jeep model. Not only does this ensure a quality build, but it also makes OEM parts and components available for the J8 at most Jeep dealerships worldwide. Although the Jeep J8 is a rare model with very specific applications, you'll be confident knowing that you can still get parts and even have your J8 serviced by a certified repair tech at your local Chrysler Jeep facility near Ephraim. Additionally, the J8 is backed by Chrysler's warranty and is protected for up to 12 months or 12,000-miles. For more information about the new Jeep J8 and to schedule a viewing of the latest addition to the underground mining sector, please call, click, or visit us in person at Classic Motors in Richfield, UT. We look forward to meeting you!