Basic MSHA Upfit Package

This package brings a vehicle into compliance with 30 CFR parts 1909 through 1911 inclusive and includes the following items:

  • Two Driveline Safety Loops
  • Self Closing Vented Fuel Filler Cap
  • Upgraded Supply & Return Fuel Lines (SAE 1527 Type A or SAE 1942 Type A1)
  • Relocate Vulnerable Electrical Harnesses To Protected Locations
  • Guard All Electrical Cables With OEM Split Conduit
  • Apply Insulating Sealant To All Exposed Electrical Connections
  • Install Approved Circuit Breakers On Both Batteries
  • Install A Master Electrical Disconnect Switch
  • Provide An Engine Shutdown Circuit For Fire Suppression
  • Shield Battery Cable Ends
  • Guard Turbo Oil Supply Line
  • Install Engine Oil Fill Spill Protection
  • Install Fuel Tank Skid Plate
  • Install Manual Fuel Shut Off Valve
  • Install ECM Reprogramming Warning Plates Above Diagnostic Connector
  • Reprogram ECM To Derate Engine Per MSHA Approval 07-ENA040015-0
  • Install DCX Modification Tags
  • Obtain And Install MSHA Engine Approval Tags
  • Install Fire Suppression System
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